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When Selena asked me back this year I was soooo excited!  The white this year looks absolutely ELEGANT!  Everyone looks like a million bucks!  I hope you all love them.

I’m very blessed to have this job!  I get to travel, hang out with humble kids like your own, and take 1 or 2 photos.  (actually more like 5,000 lol)  The hardest part of my job is of course being away from my own family…  Those few days go easy though with all of the great kids I got to work with!  Thank you Parents for doing such a fantastic job of raising wonderful kids!

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We couldn’t be happier with these photos! They are amazing! Thank you to you, your dancers, and Lonestar Owners, Teachers, & Directors.  And of course a shot out to Lonestar – what a wonderful dance studio!

Everything turned out fantastic!
To view your dancers gallery, click here or one of the big buttons.  Your password is in the email that was sent to you from us or the dance studio itself.

To Download Your Images

Find your dancer’s folder, click on it, put in the password, and then download the photos by clicking the ARROW pointing down in the lower right hand corner.

Please do not screen shot these and post or print, they turn out horrible.

Click on the button marked release form if you have any issues at printers.  If you do not see your photos simply contact us and we will promptly take care of you.  Be sure to leave us a positive review on Facebook and Tag us on Instagram

Let us know your thoughts!

If you have questions or do not see your dancer please communicate with us directly… jake@jakejoe.com

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