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Let’s Get Something Going For Your Company Dancers!…



Action And Portrait Photography For Your Entire Dance Company!

I know you’re busy so here it is… What we can do for you in 60 seconds…

You are here because you clicked on our link or a Facebook message and it took you here… first off… THANK YOU!

You are also here because you want something – maybe new – but definitely fun and exciting for your dancers.

Any past client would say get on the phone because we completely customize our photoshoots for company dancers at a studio to how the dance teacher/director/owner wants it to be.  The explanation of how everything works can be a little wordy so if you want to just jump straight in and not waist any time, fill the form out below.  (YES ME –> JAKE <– WILL BE CALLING YOU!)

What To Know!

Available Shoots…

We off a wide variety of photo shoots that allow you as the teacher/director/owner to offer something that complements your dancers’ ability but also the direction of dance style your studio provides.

Whether it is a white backdrop or black backdrop (our most popular used) or color, or maybe even on location, we have something for everyone’s look.


What Your Dancers Get…

On a normal basis every dancer will get between 10-15 images (usually 12) in a secure personal online gallery where they can download, print, share, and post to the world.  We offer releases so that parents can print anywhere they can. AND YES the photos are free to download and are of the highest quality.  There are zero loop holes or up sells!

In a Headshot And Dance Shoot dancers will receive about 6 different Headshot images that are in two different outfits while the rest of the photos are dance/action poses are in 2 different outfits as well – totaling up to 4 different outfits!

Our Dance Shoot Only photo shoots are the same above just all dance poses in 3-4 different outfits!


Of course we love weekends but can also do it during the week and on some holiday weekends (if needed).  We are booking between August-March for these shoots.


This is the simple part!  We base it much light a choreographer.  Instead of per routine though, we charger per day.  What this means is we charge the studio one rate per day.  The studio then charges accordingly to profit or even the balance with their dancers.  We love offering the opportunity for the studio owner to make a little extra for all that they do! (my mom was one once – I totally get it!)  Within the day pricing there are limits on the amount of dancers we can hold based on producing 10-15 amazing photographs!