2019 Lonestar Company – Dance Studio Pix – Jakejoe Photgraphy


These Photos Rock!

Lonestar Parents and Dancers… We love you!  We appreciate your patience as we took our time making sure every dancer was able to get the max amount of photos at the max quality possible!  They are wonderful and we are sure you will love them

To all of the new dancers and returning dancers, you all were spectacular.  I was blown away by the talent that has been achieved in the past year.  We really did create some amazing photos… parents – – they were fantastic!

Congrats to Lonestar for such a great group of dancers!

Passwords!  [IMPORTANT]

Passwords are something we have always used to protect our work but most importantly your dancer(s).  We are strictly enforcing our “No Password From Us” rule which means we DO NOT give passwords out to anyone contacting us.  AND we will no longer send photos via email.  The email you received with the link to this page will have your password in it.  DO NOT DELETE THE EMAIL.  If you are reading this and still need a password please contact the studio for a forward of the original email/password.


We couldn’t be happier with these photos! They are amazing! Thank you to you, your dancers, and of course the studio owner and teachers who helped out! – what a wonderful dance studio!

Everything turned out fantastic!
To view your dancers gallery, click here or one of the big buttons.  Your password is in the email that was sent to you from us or the dance studio itself.


Please tag us on Instagram and Facebook!  We love to see your favorites!  And on side note, we have seen much more response from when your dancers post photos individually rather than in groups.  It prolongs the excitement!  REMEMBER!!! Do not screen shot/capture the images, please download them to post and or print!

To Download Your Images

Find your dancer’s folder, click on it, put in the password, and then download the photos by clicking the ARROW pointing down in the lower right hand corner.

Please do not screen shot these and post or print, they turn out horrible.

Click on the button marked release form if you have any issues at printers.

To Purchase Prints

Find your dancer’s folder, click on it, put in the password, and then click the green button that says “buy”

Most pictures are formatted in a 1×1 ratio.  This means that both prints and canvases are for example 8×8, 10×10, 12×12 and so on are available for purchase.  Standard prints – 5×7, 8×10, 11×14’s, etc. are also ready for purchase.

We cut the cost of these prints by 50%.  The sale price has already been adjusted for you!

REMEMBER!!! —->  You DO NOT have to buy from our printers, we just like to offer a higher quality to those who would like it.

***All photos have a release to use your own printers, but if you want high quality affordable printing then use ours!  They are fantastic and I use them for my own home : )


Please do not screen shot these and post or print, they turn out horrible.

Let us know your thoughts!

If you have questions or do not see your dancer please communicate with us directly… dancestudiopix@gmail.com